William Fox Munroe has been developing graphic design for packaging for over 40 years. We opened in 1972 as a one-man, one-client design shop. Things grew from there, and in 1998, when employees Dan Forster and Steve Smith purchased the business, the company began to focus exclusively on package design and creating a more compelling experience for the consumer at point of sale.

In 2004, WFM was named as the small business of the year by the Berks County Chamber of Commerce. In 2005, WFM was voted #16 in Fast Company Magazine's Fast 50. This list highlights the 50 most innovative companies in the world.

We're focused. That means we only do packaging and packaging support. No paid media. Just package design 24/7.

We're fast. When you live in the packaging world, you understand that it doesn't matter if it's good if it's just too late. Deadlines are critical.

We're user-friendly. No attitudes or egos here. We make sure you never feel like we're doing you a favor by completing your project on time and within budget. And finally, it's much easier to be successful when you love what you do. We care about what we do and it shows. And we plan to be loving our work for many years to come.

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