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We understand how package design works, and we know how people interact with packaging. That’s why we’ve developed Design Check®, an online research tool that simulates the retail experience to help us research packaging in the fastest, most accurate way.

Design Check® combines qualitative research with monadic testing methods, forcing respondents to evaluate one particular design rather than compare multiple designs. Generating results in less than two weeks, Design Check® determines the effectiveness of your package in relation to your marketing objectives.

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You never get a second chance to make a first impression.

How consumers view your package is one of the most critical factors in their purchase decision. You want the first impression to be lasting. Other research methods ask respondents to take time to compare packages to find the “winning” design. But knowing what focus groups choose as a winner doesn’t mean it will succeed – it may just be the best of the worst.


Focus groups want to help you fix your product.

In a typical focus group, participants want to sound smart – they give you answers even when they don’t know the answers – playing art director to try to “fix” your product. But we know that most package decisions aren’t based on superficial aspects such as packaging color, graphic details, or font types. It’s about impression on shelf – getting all the product information and benefits to be understood by the consumer within the first ten seconds. That’s why Design Check® eliminates proactive consumer analysis found in focus groups and measures consumer perception against marketing objectives.


We define success by creating the desired impression.

Because the average purchasing decision is made within the first ten seconds, we ask participants to answer questions about what they remember from brief exposure to the product instead of telling us about what they are seeing in front of them. This method allows us to understand what message the package is sending and helps determine overall appeal and impact on shelf. These factors help us measure market success, giving our clients the advantage at retail.

Design Check® has been featured in these publications:
Fast Company, Brand Packaging Magazine, New Products Magazine, Sustainable Package Design, Package Design Magazine, and Candy Business.

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