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HIJINX Pet Brand Case Study

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Introducing Hijinx, a case study by WFM. Hijinx a conceptual online pet brand and subscription service.















To virtually all pet owners, their furry friend deserves only the best. With “human-grade” pet foods and treats significantly on the rise, “small batch” and artisanal treats are a hot commodity in the marketplace. Why stop at jerkies made from chicken and beef? The idea for artisanal jerkies that already may be present in stores could be taken even further by offering varieties from more exotic and unconventional meats like buffalo, salmon, and rabbit available in a resealable packtype made from recycled materials.



Now here’s a box your cat will love and you’ll actually want to keep. Corrugated packaging materials that once assembled, become a unique playhouse for your feline friend. A scratching area is featured on the back side of the playhouse in addition to fun peek-a-boo punchout holes that will keep cats entertained. Since the house is constructed from special corrugated materials, it is easily compostable and also biodegradable.





Get your pet’s favorite treats or try a variety of something new in this returnable stainless steel treat container. When it’s empty, return it to be cleaned, filled with your next order, and returned with a custom label.



Dividers inside tin fold up and lock in place so tin is easily segmented into separate compartments or can remain down to use as one large compartment.





Cook for your furry companion with a meal subscription kit. The kit includes human-grade ingredients and comes in a variety of recipe options like Steak with Broccoli or Chicken with Roasted Potatoes. The subscription kit includes all necessary ingredients needed to prepare the meal and a recipe card. Options include recipes for special occasions like birthdays and other celebrations.




Freshly ground food for your aquatic and reptile friends. Refill the custom grinder and deliver freshly ground food in perfectly sized pieces for your fish and reptiles. The grinder features a stainless steel grinder with a glass body so it’s designed to last. This grinder would also be available via subscription refill service, similar to the stainless steel treat tin. Once your pets are ready for more, just send back the grinder and it will be cleaned, refilled and shipped back to you.



Hook this flexible silicone treat container on your bag when you’re on the go. Easily refillable, you can load it up with your pets favorite food and pour it in controlled portions with the detachable spout insert. You can also remove the insert to fill it up with larger treats like bones or jerky nuggets and just open the lid and pour one out. The container is also air-tight so it can be filled with water and used as a portable water dish. When it’s time for storage, just collapse the container and tuck away in your backpack or cabinet.






We hope you’ve enjoyed our conceptual case study! Thanks for looking.


Download this Case Study as a PDF document.

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