New in Food 2019

A quick and fun look at some of the top food trends happening now.


Think artisanal lunchables or organic marshmallows. The trend toward upgrading childhood snacks is certainly on the rise. Imagine sitting down at your desk for a mid-afternoon snack that looks more like charcuterie than processed bologna. The age of ingredient-conscious snacking is coming and all our lunchbox favorites are fair game for an upscale makeover. Love cheesy puffs? How about trading up for organic blue cheese and jalapeño ones? It’s high time to add some sophistication to your snacking habits.


Meatless treats aren’t just for vegans or vegetarians anymore. With a wide array of “faux meat,” plant-based snacks hitting the category, adventurous foodies have new ways to get their savory fix. One way is through crunchy “pork” cracklins, vegan jerky, or “bacon” snacks featuring the king trumpet mushroom. This fabulous fungi has all the umami flavor and meaty texture needed to satisfy a carnivore’s palate. Be sure to watch for other innovative mushroom and vegetable meat alternatives.


It’s back, baby! Give thanks to diet trends like paleo and keto for the resurgence in popularity of “healthy fats”. Salmon, eggs, avocado, nuts, and butters are all back on the table (in moderation, of course). With growing diet crazes focusing on the benefits of these fats it’s only natural for them to make the leap into keto-friendly convenience snacks and treats. Be on the lookout for coconut butter filled chocolates, chicken chips, butter coffees, crispy beef jerky, and popcorn made with ghee.


Cannabidiol (CBD) certainly has the food and dietary supplement industries chomping at the bit to capitalize on the many benefits ascribed to this hemp/marijuana derivative. From pain relief to reduced anxiety and improved sleep, CBD as a food additive or ingredient offers immense marketing potential. Though it’s technically still prohibited by federal law many companies are already eagerly exploring this exciting new trend. In fact some products, like CBD spiked sparkling water, gummies, and coffee, already exist.